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Introducing the Best Kansas Waterfowl Hunting Guides

Not only are we well experienced Kansas waterfowl hunting guides, we are also Wing Chaser Outdoors co-owners, which means we have an added stake to ensure you have the best hunts possible.  Our years of hunting experience, paired with our knowledge of the area and where the birds want to be, make us the best qualified outfitter to get you the hunt of a lifetime.  Learn a bit about each of us below:

Kolby Keith- You would be hard pressed to find someone who knows the back roads of Central Kansas better than Kolby. His knowledge of the waterfowl that flock to our sheet water ponds and ag fields every fall is unparalleled. Whether it be screaming the right yodel to turn a migrating flock of specks or yelping sweetly to convince a long spurred Kansas gobbler, he knows how to get the job done. Aside from being well seasoned in Kansas, Kolby also has experience guiding in Saskatchewan.


Dalton Beck- Dalton is tougher then nails and never backs down from a challenge. He is arguably the hardest worker on the team and does whatever it takes to get our hunters on birds. Dalton has been hunting everything that moves since his early years and knows what it requires to consistently produce world class waterfowl and whitetail hunts. His passion shines bright as he is always early to the lodge and ready to set a giant spread to ensure our success. 


Cameron Hekele- Cameron is an expert with a duck or goose call. He began hunting waterfowl with his father at a young age and  never looked back. His determination and confidence is unmatched in the waterfowl world. He is very familiar with the birds that frequent our refuges and knows exactly how to hunt them with each curveball that the Kansas weather challenges us with.


Dillon Haggerty- Dillon is our "money man" and the glue that holds us together. He is constantly looking for new ways to keep our operation organized and successful. Aside from being extremely business smart, Dillon also plays a huge roll in our scouting and insuring we are always on birds. 


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